Verified TPM

Formal Specification of the TPM 1.2



FM’14 Paper Submitted

17 Nov 2013

We have submitted a paper on protocol verification using a state monad to Formal Methods 2014. In this work we generalized the approach used for attestation protocol verification to include other protocols, specifically migration protocols. The submitted version is available on our publications page.

NFM’13 Presentation

20 May 2013

Brigid Halling presented our Privacy CA Prototol verification work at the NASA Formal Methods Symposium 20 May 2013 in Mountain View, CA. This was the first major publication from the Verified TPM work. Overall the paper was quite well received. You can find a pre-publication version on our publications page.

Mvd Presentation

20 Sep 2012

Brigid Halling presented initial results from our verification work at Midwestern Verification Day in Lawrence. First presentation on this work went quite well. MVD has no proceedings, so please check out one of our other papers on this topic for details.